VLogica is focused on creating sustainable value growth through unique ideas and innovative solutions.

  • CRM Application

    Our application CRM Software is loaded with various latest functionalities.

  • Android Mobile App

    Our Mobile App helps employees, sales agents, service teams to manage key information in real time.

  • Integration Module or API Module

    Integration online forms,Telephony Provider, Email Account, Third Party B2B Lead Applications, Customisable Modules, Auto Allocation.

VLogica - CRM Advantages

  • Simplification of Sales & Marketing process.
  • Increases Client relationships.
  • Optimization of your marketing efforts.
  • Easily Manage cross & upselling.
  • Manageable Followup.
  • Increases sales of the company.
  • Use of Analytics in decision making.
  • Easily track users & Teams.


Analyzing & Customize the Requirement

Our team Analyse the client’s business model & customises the software according to the business flow as per the business domain.

Setup & Configuration

Our team gives the complete setup on client’s domain name & configure the system with clients brand

Training & Support

We also provide training & support to the staff for using the software in the most efficient way, resulting in optimization of the effort.

Performance & Accessibility

Our team keeps track that the applicatication is accessible easily with high performance.

Backup & Security

We provide a single click backup module, helping clients take periodic backup for the data.

Upgrade & Scalability

Our technology helps clients to easily upgrade the system & supports scalability.

VLogica CRM Technology

Vlogica has come up with the intelligent tool called “logica-crm” Tool to give automation power to the customers. Tool is totally responsive and gives the power to the company to easily atomize most of the lead management solutions in an effective way. Features Like: CRM, Landing Pages, Social Media Integration & notifications are the pillars for this project.

Combo for WEBSITE + Sales & Marketing tool for customers is making a best sales automation salutation SAAS Service available.

Why choose us?

Our Tool is totally focused on Sales & Marketing , the Aim of this tool is to facilitate any small and midsize company with empowering with sales Automation tool, User Friendliness is an important mechanism.

Sales Efficiency

Your sales team has immediate access to the information they need at exactly the time they need it, no matter where they are. Even the most disorganized sales people can stay prepared .

Employee Collaboration

Vlogica CRM allows different departments within a company to share information and function as a collaborative team, improving communication and efficiency.

Support for Managers

Vlogica CRM offers many benefits for sales managers, helping them stay informed, make better business decisions and achieve faster results.





Leads & Messages

API Module


We focus on growing businesses. Our involvement is one of working with them to promote the growth of their businesses. We invite you to take a look at some clients that we have detailed for you.